Autism through the eyes of a young child

Autism through the eyes of a young child

Book Summary


This picture book is a warming story of acceptance that some of us are different and like to do different things. While the book was specifically written to raise awareness of autism from the point of view of a young child, as it avoids labels it can be used to help open up a discussion with any young child about what it means to be different.


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Paperback ISBN 9781909320673
Hardback ISBN 9781909320758
21.6 x 0.6 x 28 cm
40 pages
Full colour illustrations throughout
Published Dec 2017


Aimed at 4-6 year olds
Reception to Year 1 in the UK
Preschool to Kindergarten in the US

The Blurb

Noah is not like most children. He doesn’t like doing things that are loud or fast. He is happy just doing his own thing. So let’s follow Noah and see what he likes to do . . .

Book Objectives

Written by a hands-on grandmother of a young child called Noah who has autism, the goal of this book is to increase acceptance of autistic behaviour by showing that it is unnecessary to try to force children with autism to do what everyone else is doing. The reasons a child with autism may not want to do the same things as their peers can be complex, but include being overwhelmed by sensory input.

In the story, we see that Noah is happy doing his own thing; and in fact later discover that other kids in the park have actually been following and copying him all along because Noah’s interests intrigued them. Thus the purpose of the book is to raise awareness and understanding of autism among children, particularly in schools, so that they are more accepting of autistic behaviour.

Book Background

The author is writing about her real-life grandson, Noah, who has autism. The book came about when the publisher found a blog written by the author on The Mighty and approached her to retell in the form of a picture book for children.

The illustrations were photographs set up by the author's family and friends and digitally processed by the publisher.

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